John, Francesca, Daniella and Carina selling On the Go PAKS at a street fair in NYC.

How are We Doing?

Thanks to your support we have been able to fund 12 scholarships for girls in Uganda. It's a great start and we will continue to fund as many scholarships as possible!

Click these two photos to view a letter of gratitude we received from one of the scholarship beneficiaries.

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Recent Happenings

Griffin Matthews, the founder of the Uganda project, speaking about the importance of helping others and performing his original song about Uganda.


Whether we're running from school to sports, from the gym to work, or even rushing to meet a friend, we are always on the go.  There is little time to stop while going from one place to the next.  That is why we created the On The Go PAK. The On The Go PAKs are mini accessory kits for people on the go.  Our products come from high quality brand name manufacturers which we package in small sizes.  Our Personal Accessory Kits (PAK) contain a great variety of personal products and electronic items that you often need throughout the day.  These small convenient pouches are made to easily fit in your backpack or purse so you can bring them with you anywhere.


No time to stop for those little personal essentials we always need?  No worries, ON THE GO PAKs will keep you going!


Were you aware that for as little as $700 you can change a life?  Throughout the world children living in poverty are not able to obtain a good education.  But, $700 can fund a student's school fees, room, board and supplies for a whole year.  By funding these scholarships we can help lift these children and their families from poverty.  My siblings and I believe that helping others gives success true meaning, and the key to success is a good education. By selling the On The Go PAK we created a self-sustaining business that funds scholarships to help students around the world attend schools they might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend.  Helping these children, through education, unlocks their potential today, and helps both them and their families succeed for generations to come.  

Currently we have funded twelve scholarships for girls in Uganda, and are working on our thirteenth!


So every time you purchase an On The Go PAK , you not only help keep yourself moving forward, you help change a life and potentially the future of our world!

Thank you for your support,

Daniella Kehoe


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