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About Us

About Us

Who are we?

We are a New York City family, of three sisters and a brother, who started our charitable business over 7 years ago because we collectively felt a strong need to help others. In the spring of 2016, during a family dinner, we conceived of the idea to create and sell our PAKs in order to help change the lives of underprivileged girls in Kangole, Uganda. 

We sell the PAKs at school fairs, festivals, flea markets, and through our website. We are very passionate about helping these amazing girls achieve their fullest potential. Through education, we are not only are helping these girls, but we are also helping them lift their entire family out of poverty. We are thankful for your support and are truly grateful for your help in achieving our mission! 

Image of Francesca Kehoe, the oldest sibling.

Francesca Kehoe

Francesca is 24 years old and is working as a consultant in Virginia.  Francesca continues to support On the Go PAK and the girls in Uganda.  She hopes one day to possibly journey to Uganda to visit the school. to be able to meet with some of the girls in person.

Image of Francesca Kehoe, the second oldest sibling.

John Kehoe

John is 23 years old and a college graduate. He is currently working in the consulting industry in New York and still contributes to the On the Go Pak business.  He continues to pursue his social entrepreneurial endeavors and is an advocate for education for underserved children. 

Image of Francesca Kehoe, the third oldest sibling.

Daniella Kehoe

Daniella is 21 years old and is currently attending college where she is studying business.  Using her experience through On the Go PAK, she continues to bring awareness and advocate for accessible education for the girls in Uganda, as well as for underserved women around the world.

Image of Francesca Kehoe, the youngest sibling.

Carina Kehoe

Carina is 19 years old and entering her freshman year of college She currently runs On the Go Pak as President of the company. Carina hopes to incorporate On the Go PAK into her college life, and will continue to expand the On the Go PAK business in order to help as many girls as possible achieve their dream of success. Carina also runs the On the Go PAK Instagram, and she enjoys posting pictures of the girls in Uganda and conveying their stories. 

Recent Happenings

Griffin Matthews, the founder of the Uganda project, speaking about the importance of helping others and performing his original song about Uganda.

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